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Wildlife Conservation

preservation of wildlife in the wild The flora and fauna



What is it all about?


From time to time humans treat animals as emotionless and soulless creatures and use them for experiments, abandon them and abuse them. . For example, when a dog was sent into space, she did not die from the flight or the conditions, she died from the stress, from the fact that she was uprooted from  her natural surroundings and sent to space. . In doing so they performed an experiment on her that she did not survive, humans treated her as a lifeless experimental puppet.


People usually purchase themselves care products such as shampoos, creams, conditioners and deodorants. The public buys and enjoys all of these products, but what they don’t know is what happened before the product reached the shelf. The companies have tried all of the products on innocent animals and caused them rashes, fur loss and diseases. All of these animals were harmed for luxury and grooming, and not for saving human lives like experimental drugs. An additional matter that has been talked about lately in the world is the abandonment of animals in winter, in summer, when they get older and also when they are disabled because of human brutality. 

People who are tired of their animals just throw them out onto the street without mercy. They are either thrown away in the cold winters and as a result get sick and die, or thrown out in the summer dehydrated. If they are lucky people from organizations will rescue them, but they will have that trauma for the rest of their lives, What is also bad is the abandonment after abuse. Those people abused an animal so much that the animals are afraid that man will lose his interest in it and throw it out to the street, battered and depressed. These are all issues that you condemn such behaviour therefore you are a ribbon owner.

By carrying the ribbon of this subject we will express a will to act in these ways:

  • Support the issue, and understand that it is significant, put the ribbon on also for raising awareness and not just for beauty.

  • When the person is asked about the meaning of the ribbon we are asking him to know to explain the subject. In addition, the person wearing the ribbon can tell the person asking where he got it from and where he can purchase it and that there are other issues that he will probably be able to connect to more than the issue that the person wearing the ribbon has.

  • Support the issue and act on its behalf, for example in the case of animal protection when the person sees an animal in distress or destroyed vegetation then inform the municipality, report or ask for help.

  • The person who carries the ribbon is committed to honor animals, not to harm or abuse them.


  1. The Wildlife Protection Act prohibits hunting wildlife, other than an animal which is protected by law.

  2. The Animal Cruelty Law (Animal Protection) from 1994, sets out the prohibited against behaviours animals, there is imprisonment and fires.

  3. The third law is about experiments done on animals. The number of animals in the experiment will be limited to the smallest number required to perform it. This will be performed while minimizing the pain and suffering caused to them. Animal testing should not be performed if alternative  options are available  . Experiments on animals shall not be conducted for cosmetic products, which are not for health purposes, and for detergents, except with the permission of the Plenum of the Animal Experiments Council.

  4. PETA, an animal rights organization, contains over 6.5 million supporters, making it the most supported organization.

  5. There is a prison in Washington where inmates help aggressive cats with social problems. These cats cannot be handed over to families and are under death threat, and the inmates help them develop social skills through games and lots of love that they shower them with.

  6. Even celebrities like Pamela Anderson also work for animal protection. Pamela regularly donates large amounts of money to animal welfare organizations. She has participated in countless campaigns and protests, and has personally addressed government and industry officials in order to stop fur use, or seal hunting and improving the living conditions of food-raised animals. Fortunately, Anderson's struggles are fruitfull - thanks to her, there has been a growing awareness of the immorality of wearing fur, various companies have stopped conducting animal experiments.

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