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Vegan, Vegetarian

promoting a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle



What is it all about?


A vegetarian person, who chooses a vegetarian lifestyle and diet, is a person who avoids eating all kinds of animals. Vegetarian people avoid eating foods like meat, chicken, fish and the like. There are different types of vegetarian diet. For example, the most familiar of them is the vegetarian-psychedelic diet. The people who choose this diet avoid eating animals but still eat fish and seafood.

Compared to the vegetarian person, the vegan person, who chooses a vegan lifestyle and diet, does not eat animal-derived food products. That is, in addition to not eating animals, the vegan person also refrains from eating any food extracted from animals such as dairy products, eggs and some also avoid honey.


Why do people decide to be vegetarian or vegan?

There are many reasons to choose a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. One of the main reasons for choosing a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle is ideological. People who choose vegetarianism or veganism for this reason, believe that human beings have no right to control animals and use them for food purposes. Why do we have the right to prevent them from living a life of freedom? Live as we wish for ourselves and as animals are supposed to live.

Another reason that people choose a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, Is the subject of personal health. There are many benefits to a vegetarian or vegan diet. For example, there are diets rich in fruits, vegetables and grains that contain very little cholesterol and other fats. Diets of this type are heart-healthy and are also recommended for those who have high cholesterol. 

There are other reasons to choose a vegetarian or vegan diet, ranging from religious to ecological.

By carrying the ribbon of this subject we will express a will to act in these ways:

  • Be vegetarian or vegan.

  • Support vegetarians and vegans.

  • Try to consume and eat as few animal products as possible, such as: meat, fish, eggs and the like. 

  • Have a meat-free day a week (example: Monday-vegetarian / vegan)


  1. The first vegetarian association was established in England in 1874. The aim of the association was to teach people that it is possible to be healthy even without eating meat.

  2. Vegetarianism is an integral part of Indian culture: it is the country with the most vegetarians in the world, about 70% of the vegetarians in the world are Indian.

  3. A British study found that the higher the IQ level, the more likely a child is to become vegetarian or vegan.

  4. In 2012, the Los Angeles City Council approved that every Monday the city be a "meat-free city" as part of an international campaign to reduce meat consumption for health reasons and preserve the environment.

  5. Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Paul McCartney, Lev Tolstoy, Pythagoras, Bruce Lee, Sarah Silverman - all vegetarians!

  6. In some streams in Buddhism, people choose to be vegan. This is due to the prohibition of harming animals, in the Buddha's teaching.

  7. The number of animals slaughtered for eating, per hour, in the U.S. is 500,000. 

  8. A comprehensive Chinese study conducted over 20 years has found that mortality rates in countries based on animal nutrition are greater than countries based on vegetarian diets.

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