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Sea, Cost and Marine

For a clean marine environment for humans, animals and plants



What is it all about?


Pollution of beaches and the marine environment is a phenomenon in which harmful substances reach the beach and water, such as: sewage from factories, plastic and other garbage that pollutes the environment. At the moment, our oceans are polluted by two main factors - chemical waste and effluents from factories, and human waste such as plastic and packaging of various kinds. Marine pollution causes widespread damage to various living systems, such as coral reefs, marine and coastal vegetation, and animals of various kinds.

Marine pollution has many effects. For example, the toxic and chemical waste that is washed into the sea, these effluents have a dangerous effect on many animals that live in the sea. The waste adheres to their bodies, and can lead to a number of unpleasant consequences: as a result of the radioactive dirt adhering to the animal, it may develop various diseases such as different types of cancer. In addition, the infection can cause physical malformations in animals, as a result of which their ability to reproduce and care for their offspring is impaired, thus gradually causing the extinction of various species.

Furthermore,  animals that are harmed by the contamination and then come into human reach such as fish and seafood, cause the transmission of diseases. As a result, entire food chains are damaged and destroyed. Once one link from the chain is not functioning properly, the rest of the chain is destroyed along with it.


1)Nearly 90% of the waste floating in the sea is made of plastic.


2) In the hot summer months when tourists come from all over the world, about 3000 tons of plastic float on the Mediterranean coast.


3) The drilling of gas and oil at sea is carried out without appropriate environmental legislation and without adequate supervision. A drilling accident is only a matter of time …


4) Local authorities and factories discharge sewage, effluents, sludge and saline into the sea and cause pollution.


5) Overfishing depletes the fish population and threatens the marine environment and biodiversity.

6) Expansion of ports and moorings impedes the transport of sands and causes the constriction of beaches.


7) Construction plans on the beaches expropriate the resource on the beach for the benefit of the few.

By carrying the ribbon of this subject we will express a will to act in these ways:

  • Before leaving the beach, clean and do not leave the debris on the beach. The waste we throw away reaches the depths of the sea and destroys ecosystems.


  • Do not spill materials into the sea! When substances are dumped into the sea, they harm the vegetation and population in the depths of the sea.


  • If you see dirt in the sea / beach, pick it up and throw it in the trash, so that the dirt does not reach the sea and the beaches.


  • if you see a person throwing waste in the sea, ask him to throw it in the nearest bin and explain to him that the dirt pollutes the sea and in a simple action it can be avoided.

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