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Clean Air

To keep the air free from pollutants
And from local, global and environmental climatic hazards


What is it all about?


Air pollution is caused mainly by man in different ways. It can be by cars, airplanes and in industrial areas which pollute the air daily. Moreover, fires and barbecue parties add to the problem. Remember the fires in Australia and in different parts of the world? They are all caused by extreme global heat. 

In most industrial areas around the world people suffer from air pollution because of transportation. It is a crowded area with the reading power station, with industry gas stations waste sites, as well as waste incineration.

Air pollution affects plants. The plants turn carbon dioxide (CO2) into oxygen and produce their own food. As a result of air pollution the plants produce less oxygen which harms the food chain. Plants and animals die . It also has serious implications for the future of the human race.

To sum up, we must raise awareness!  Air pollution affects and causes disaster in animals and plants. Many researchers believe  that air pollution has serious implications for the future of the human race. It harms our health! We must save our planet for us and for the future generations!

By carrying the ribbon of this subject we will express a will to act in these ways:

  • We have to plant more and more trees.

  • Reduce paper usage.

  • Reduce the pollution in transportation. Many vehicles in our possession pollute the air.

  • Using public transportation more frequently than private transportation.

  • Avoid using open fire as much as possible.

  • Reducing the use of electricity and avoiding unnecessary waste of electricity. 



  1.    7 million people die each year from air pollution worldwide (according to a report by the World Health Organization).

  2.   Do you like diseases? of course not! Air pollution is a cause of many diseases including severe cancer, many heart diseases, respiratory diseases and diabetes.

  3.   Inhalation of polluted air takes at least 1-2 years from average human life.

  4. People in many cities wear masks constantly to protect themselves from air pollution.

  5. By 2050 6 million people will die each year due to air pollution.

  6. 93% of children worldwide live in areas where air pollution is very high and for this reason 600,000 children under the age of 15 died of respiratory infections in 2016

  7. Air pollution causes climate change, extreme temperatures and fires in the forests.

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